Thanks for stopping in to visit us! Whether you're vacationing or looking for a place to call home, here at Twin Lakes we desire to build a Great Commission~ Kingdom Community. We invite you to join us for our Gatherings on Sundays at 10:00. Currently, we are celebrating our path to Easter by a series exploring the historic Christian season of Lent from a Protestant perspective. It points us back to the reality of our sin and our desperate need for Jesus Christ alone as Savior and Lord. This season is not so much about denying ourselves as it is what we are looking to in order to fill our void. It is meant to renew our hope alone in Christ. This season we focus on the aspects of repentance: a recognition of our sin, hope in Jesus, and obedience as a response to His endless and matchless grace. So, rather than engaging in empty ceremony or purely outward spiritual growth, we learn that observance of this season produces in us a much richer faith for the glory of God almighty and for the sake of our Faith Family and for this world.